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Within this world of sports betting there are many establishments that appear and disappear almost instantaneously, those who don't care much about providing a complete experience to their customers, and many sportsbooks that make it easy for you to deposit money, but not to withdraw it.

After having been around in the sports betting industry for some time, we know that the heart of our business, the sports betting business, is you. That's why we are offering you some new ways to enjoy the thrill of sports-betting. We want to make you happy by providing you with an outstanding service, offering as many gambling possibilities as there can be within the sports-betting world.

POOL BETS | Daily NBA, soccer, hockey and weekly NFL pools. Using the pool manager select your own % hold, price, check winners and we do the rest.

SQUARE BETS | Experience the famous Super Bowl Squares for the top games of the week such as Sunday night football, Monday night football and NBA big games. Manage % hold, handles and check winners using the player manager.

PARLAY CARD BETS | We offer Regular Parlay Card and Consolation Parlay Card. The players get to choose the type of parlay card they like. Agents can choose the payouts and the maximum wager amount on the parlay cards.

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Looking for something that boosts the thrill another notch? Forget about placing bets before games and waiting until the end for results. If you are looking for a way to keep yourself on the edge every few minutes, try live-in play.

Live-in play is a form of sports betting in which, as the name suggests, you make bets during the game for immediate events.

What will happen during the next play, or the next 5 minutes? It's a type of sports betting that is perfect for those who enjoy keeping a fast pace.

When it comes down to gambling and sports betting, there is really no limit to how much rush you can feel. So if you want to go hyper come in and play with us in a live-in sports betting environment.