Future bets and propositions

Everything you need to know

Future bets and propositions

We have a variety of future bets and proposition wagers available, especially for the Superbowl, college bowl games and NFL playoffs. Future bets will not be graded before the end of the regular season for any particular sport.

Bets we offer on different championships such as:

  • Odds to win the Basketball, Hockey, Football and Baseball Championships
  • Odds to win the Conferences
  • Odds to win the Divisions
  • Player to win the Homerun title
  • To win the Leagues in baseball
  • To win NASCAR races
  • Golf Tournaments
  • To win Soccer Tournaments
  • Tennis Tournaments

We take only straight bets on all future bets, they cannot be parlayed, teased, etc.

They have special limits.

For a customer to place a future bet, he must have enough credit in his account, so that he could lay the juice on that team and the respective line.

SuperBowl Proposition Rules

No catches in an Over/Under of an individual player's longest reception prop would be No Action - a player must have a reception for the prop to go.
NO Rushes in a TOTAL Yardage Prop = 0, UNLESS the player does not play at all which is No Action.
In any matchup no catches or no yardage = 0, unless the player does not play at all.

Halftime, First-Half and Quarter wagers

First half wagers are simply selecting the winner of the first half against the pointspread.
Second Half or Half time wagers are for the score from the start of the 2nd half until the end of the game and includes overtime.

We will offer First Half and Second Half (Half time) wagering on all NFL and NBA games along with selected College games.

Overtime is INCLUDED in 2nd Half (Half time) wagers.

Wagering on quarters in both pro and college sports is offered on selected games. OT is NOT INCLUDED in 4th Qtr wagers.

We do not offer teasers or point buying on any halftime, first-half or quarter wagering on any sports. The same side or total in the same game for the first-half, halftime or quarter, cannot be parlayed together or with the side and total for the entire same game.