If Bets & Reverses

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If Bets & Reverses

If Bets

An 'if bet' is a second wager placed if the first wager wins.

Let's say you place $100 on Portland -3 to defeat San Antonio, then place $100 on Cleveland -2 � over Indiana only if the Portland wager wins or ties. You only have a true bet on Cleveland if Portland won by 3 or more. If the Portland bet loses, then the Cleveland bet doesn't count, whether Cleveland wins, loses or gets cancelled. You may place your if bet at the same time that your actual wager is placed or while any wager is in progress.

In other words, an If bet is a Straight Wager pending or conditioned by the outcome of another Straight Wager.

  • Single Action (win only) SA
  • Double Action (win, ties or cancels). DA
  • Lose Single Action (if lose only) LSA
  • Lose Double Action (win, ties or cancel) LDA

Example 1:

2 IF bet DA
Cowboys +3� 110/100
Heat +4� 110/100

This means you have a straight play on the Cowboys and IF THEY WIN, TIE OR CANCEL then you want a play on the Heat +4�.

2 IF bet SA
Cowboys +3� 110/100
Heat +4� 110/100

This means you have straight play on the Cowboys and ONLY IF THEY WIN you get action on the Heat +4 �.

You can never place an "if bet" on related bets. A related example would be placing an "if bet" on the same team's 1st half to the same team's 2nd half. This is an example of a related bet and is never allowed to be included as an "if bet".

� The amount of any of the conditional (if bets) wagers cannot exceed the amount of the original straight play.

Reverse Wagers

A Reverse is a series of If Wagers. It can be single action or double action.


2 Team Reverse Double Action

Cowboys +3 � $100

Lakers -4 � $100

This Reverse will result in 2 different if bets:

  1. If Cowboys +3� 110/100 (wins, ties or cancels) then you get a straight bet on Lakers -4� 110/100.
  2. If Lakers -4� 110/100 (win, ties or cancel), then you get Cowboys +3� 110/100.

*Note that the amount of this particular reverse is $100. This means that on each and all the straight bets the customer wants $100.

If bets from pending wagers

In the event of if bets from pending wagers; if in the original wager the team or one of the teams ties or is cancelled then the 2nd part of the if bet would be considered NO ACTION.


If win: 3Team Parlay Team A (win)
Team B (win)

Any lose in the original wager would also cancel the 2nd part of the IF BET.